What is called Tantric Massage

Massage for Men London, True Tantric Male to Male Massage 

What is called Tantric Massage?

Tantric Sensual Erotic Massage for Men is a ritual of receiving sensual kundalini (sexual) energy. In this ritual, you are given time to explore your body without goals. Tantric Massage addsenergy healing andtantric coaching to the ecstasy of receiving a nurturing and awakening Sensual massage. It creates an environment in which you can release stress and feel more alive in your body while staying fully present to your sexual energy

Tantric Sensual massage man to man London incorporates three levels of being: physical, emotional and spiritual, with the intention of reaching one-ness, a sense of unity which connects us with the divine and all that exists.

This technique helps to unblock what prevents us from harnessing our life energy force and living our full potential. It includes the entire body and work on the 7 Chakras, in order to harmonize the subtle bodies.

This Man to Man Massage leaves every part of you feeling deeply and intimately accepted, nurtured, and invigorated, with a peaceful sense of confidence. The Erotic touch is respectful, loving, reverent, and conscious, honouring your true nature, the divine feminine and masculine within you.Tantric Man to Man Touch massage is at the same time sensual, tender, powerful, healing, and spiritual.

Tantric massage supports you to use your sexual energy to strengthen a positive, loving, sensual connection with yourself. This journey invites you to go deeper intopleasure, sensuality and intimacy, within a safe, relaxed and sacred atmosphere. It can result in a deep healing experience

Tantric massage has been practiced over 5000 years. This ancient art from East is said to calm the body as well as the mind. Once we discover how to turn off the mind we open ourselves up to a whole new sensual world where the way we feel takes precedence over the way we think. Tantric Massage 4 Men leads us towards peace and then releases us into a state of bliss


When the body is nurtured and pampered by this Sensual Erotic Man to Man Massage the spirit also gathers strength. When the body is fulfilled, the mind makes more efficient decisions. When the pleasure receptors in the body are engaged, our inner awareness expands. Our fulfilment is deeper than before; we understand and respect the needs to our body

Tantric is not about sex; it is about how we engage with life itself. Ultimately, through Tantra, you in essence make love with the world. The peace and freedom that come from this are far beyond merely functioning better in bed. You will get the most from this process by engaging with bravery and honesty

A path of love as transformation, love as evolution. Tantric sees the heart as the centre of the soul and the doorway to spiritual awakening. When the heart blossoms, enlightenment is close at hand. When the heart opens to true love and allows itself to be transformed by the life-giving energies of sexuality it is possible to experience the Absolute

Tantric sensual massage is the ultimate experience of relaxation and sensual pleasure.  It is also a very healing experience. it’s Open to Allmen Gay, Straight, Bi or just Curious to explore Man to Man Massage in London Central

Tantric Gay Massage  is designed to open up seven different energy centres, or chakras. This encourages energy to flow evenly through the body and relaxes you to the point of higher consciousness. The type of breathing that goes with Tantra massage is called pranayama. Getting a regular Tantra massage will improve your breathing overall. Many people claim that when they get a Tantra massage they are less fearful and even sleep better.

This is because Tantric Sensual Massage can relieve all of the stress and worry out of the body. Part of it has to do with the breathing techniques you will learn and part of it will be from the massage itself, which mainly centers on the spinal column. The theory behind Tantric Erotic massage is that negative energy will flow out body through the spine and be replaced by positive energy

Male Tantric Sensual Massage can be a very powerful and even sometimes a life changing experience, as you are likely to experience your energetic sexual potential in a new way.   Our capacity to experience bliss and orgasmic pleasure is limitless.  The more we connect with our breath, our body, and our sexual energy, the more expansive, fulfilling and creative, not only our sex lives, but our daily lives become.

Man to Man Sensual Massage, your whole body will be sensually awakened. In a Tantric Massage, your boundaries are honoured at all times.  I create a safe environment for you to relax in.

Tantric Massage is recommended for all men who wants to:

Reconnect with or rediscover their Masculine essence

Have a divine, sensual, full body honouring experience

Experience Full-Body orgasm, or experience more orgasmic pleasure

Relax, knowing you are totally safe, knowing that your boundaries will be honoured at all times.


Undressing Tantric Ritual Ceremony

We start with a ritual. With your eyed covered with a blindfold I guide you through a meditation and show how to breathe throughout themassage. The strokes are slow and sensual. Your whole body and being will be undressing erotically slowly and honoured. I work with your energy body.

Simply surrender to the pleasure. Explore your body without goals. Simply receive. Just be. Your London Masseur every moment and allow yourself to journey into the joys of divine bliss Focus of this session is Discovery

A great beginner’s overview to the subject of Tantric is found at http://www.about-tantra.org/  this site has a good collection of articles and book excerpts on the subject of Tantric both for the newcomer and the more experienced practitioner.


The Society for Human Sexuality has a small library of articles onTantric as well. When you’re ready for a more in-depth conversation on Tantric be sure to read the first two articles found at:  http://www.sexuality.org


Sessions Man to Man Massage London includes:

Undressing Ritual Ceremony (it’s included in the two hours session)

Entire body erogenous zones massage

Lingam & Taoist Massage

Male sacred spot healing prostate massage

Sensual stimulation with tools

Full body stress-relief relaxation


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