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Authentic Healing Lingam Massage Ritual

The word lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis, otherwise known as wand of light or magic wand

Lingam  in Tantric Massage uses techniques and movements to stimulate all areas of the genitalia including inner and outer thighs, it consists of twirls, single handed movements, double handed techniques, shiatsu pressure points, and lighter massage movements to the more intense motions.

This is also combined with breath techniques and visualizations, the lingam massage can be used as a wand of pleasure or a wand of learning to improve control of sexual energy.

Genuine Tantric Lingam massage 4 Men, is NOT Masturbation OR ‘hand relief’ – It is working with your major chakras of your body and incorporating all pressure points using ancient tantric and taoist techniques.

Authentic healing lingam massage ritual, is so much more profound and life changing. The genital area, resides in the adrenal gland, and affects your energy levels.  You may find, after normal masturbation, that your body is depleted of energy, or generally, after sex, your body is exhausted, and you turn over, and fall asleep.

Authentic tantric lingam healing massage ritual actually energizes you, and you will feel really good inside, as all the pleasure chemicals of your body, come alive, with the awakening of your own kundalini energy, something that just has to be experienced.

Authentic lingam massage ritual, is not done in isolation, it will form part of a full body kundalini tantric massage and breathing rituals. This will give your body a more intense and fuller body experience that expands throughout your whole body, rather than just in the genital area


Health Benefits of authentic and healing  lingam massage:

Many men who suffer from any type of libido challenge, such as premature ejaculation can totally benefit from experiencing the healing of an authentic lingam massage ritual. The taoist technique of prolonging pleasure and heightening sensitivity, is profound and the experience of this ritual is so pleasurable, that your body, goes into another dimension of time and space – that you body just want to stay there…in the pleasure, of your own body.

Many clients express a sense of calmness and bliss after a Man to man tantric Massage session, due to the many healing qualities of the session. Sexual tension and intimacy issues are often dissipated following longer sessions.

Your authentic lingam massage ritual is incorporated within all my kundalini tantric full body massages – where your boundaries are totally respected.

Your authentic Kundalini tantric massage is sublime and a deeply relaxing massage.Together with genuine white tantric rituals give you. The perfect present of deep relaxation for You!

From that place, you will reconnect to your senses and experience from a different place of what is known in tantra, as a whole body kundalini orgasm…so much more, than your normal experience of the basic genital orgasm – which leaves you depleted of energy.

For some, it is almost like, experiencing an orgasm, without ejaculation, which goes on and on and on, where your body, rides your own wave of full body orgasm.

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